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Pricing Recommedations


As a Poshsicle Consignor, you have the freedom to set your prices. There is a $10 minimum, with $1 price increments. As a pricing recommendation, we suggest you price your items 50-70% off original retail.


The lower your price, the better your items will sell. Us the original price as your guideline and take the brand into consideration. For example; shoppers will know that DKNY items generally do not retail for more than Michael Kors items, therefore, if you price DKNY hight than MKors, it will most likely not sell.


We also recommend you price your items at a discount for the 1/2 Off Sale Day. As we have witnessed firsthand, many people look forward to the half priced event, and will only buy items that are on sale.


Clean, well pressed and fragrance free sells the best! The cleanliness, condition and appearance of your items is critical to your success as a consignor. All garments must be freshly dry cleaned or laundered, fragrance free, pressed and on hangers to be considered for a Poshsicle sale.  

Pricing your items is always a challenge as you attempt to balance receiving fair market value
with the risk of over pricing or under pricing your items. 


Consignors Golden Rule: Don't sell what you wouldn't buy!


Our goal is to put $$$ in your pocket and not have to take your items back home. You are certainly welcome to price your items as you see best fit for you.


Here are some tips and guidelines we hope you might find useful:

  • Price your items as if you were the buyer and not the seller. Ask yourself, "How much would I pay for this USED item?"
  • When selecting your price for the item, think of the very least you would consider taking for it and that should be your price. If you can't take half that amount, then do not select the half price option for that item. Do not let the half price issue affect your regular selling price because it simply makes the regular selling price too high.
  • Package similar items together for quicker sale. For example, match a top with a bottom, similar accessories, etc...
  • Price low those items you prefer not to take home with you.
  • Consider this a great opportunity to clean out closets and storage. Do not let your time and energy go to waste by not selling everything you put in the sale. Price it to sell!

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