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Preparing Your Items For Our Sale

We know, the preparation process can be a little tedious, but remember, along with great preparation comes great return!

Take a good, long look at each item you're considering for consignment and ask yourself, "Why am I interested in consigning this item?"

If the answer is, "It's a beautiful garment and I love it, BUT..."

          • it will never fit me again
          • it's just not my color
          • my lifestyle has changed and I'll never wear it again
          • I've had it for a while and the tags are still on it
          • it was an impulse buy and just isn't 'me'
            You're on the right track! Keep going!


So now you have an idea of what you're going to sell, but where do you start the Poshsicle process?

Poshsicle has put together a Consignor Guide for you to use for keeping the preparation simple and as hassle-free as possible.


  1. Start off by pre-selecting your items for the sale: If you would not buy it for yourself, we don't recommend trying to sell it.
    • Inspect clothing and shoes for stains, excessive-wear and tear, fading, etc.
      Please review your items carefully, as less than excellent items will not be accepted.
    • Discard items that are in less than excellent condition.
    • Be selective. You want to bring the crème of the crème to the sale. Your consignor check will certainly reflect the quality (and price) of the items you bring.
  2. Repeat step 1 with handbags and accessories.
    • Make sure every item you bring in is perfect condition, without any missing pieces, buttons or broken zippers
    • Shoes and handbags must be pristine. We recommend using leather or Clorox wipes to clean them off.
    • For costume jewelery, we recommend placing items in ziploc bags, and affixing tags with ribbon.
  3. Separate items into categories, such as:
    • Formal Wear
    • Cocktail Dresses
    • Wedding Gowns
    • Designer Label Attire
    • Accessories
    • Coats
    • Hats
    • Shoes
      We recommend you use the category list from the Consignor Portal

  4. Separate categories by size and type
    • Clothing example: dresses, skirts, blazers, pants...
  5. Prepare items for tagging
    • Hang clothes on hangers, make sure the hangers are facing left as shown below.
      (Hint: should be in the direction of a question mark "?")
    • Affix shoes together (using cable ties). Please do not bring them inside boxes, as they will not be able to be displayed inside them. Make sure shoes are clean and tag is strongly affixed.
    • Place accesories in ziploc bags, or keep together with zip ties (make sure tags stay put)
  6. Log onto the Poshsicle Consignor Portal: using your Consignor number and password.
    • Choose the first option: WORK WITH MY CONSIGNED ITEMS
    • Start entering your items by category, size, brand (suggested) and price.
      • PRICING: Our minimum price is $5. Generally our recommendations are 50-70% off retail, depending the brand and the item's condition. Items that are brand new, with tags; we usually price 30%-50% below market. However, we strongly encourage pricing to sell! We have numerous buyers walk away from items that are priced too high.
                        • We recommend pricing lower, than higher. Why? Becasuse Poshsicle is a bargain shopper destination. People anxiously wait for our events, because they know they will find quality items for great prices.... And... Because we want our consignors to sell. The more reasonable your items are priced, the more likely they are to sell.
              • Mark desired items to sell at 50% off at our 1/2 off sale
                (Recommended if you do not want to fill your closets back up! Our 1/2 off sale attracts many new buyers!)
    • DISCOUNTING: Recommended. We have hundreds of buyers that come back for our 1/2 off sale on Sunday. We know firsthand, that these buyers will only buy items that are discounted, and completely ignore full priced items.
      We strongly believe that it's much better for your items to sell at 1/2 off, than not sell at all.
    • Mark desired items to donate to our partner charity.
      *If you choose to have your unsold items returned, make note of the designated pick up time: Items not picked up by end of pick-up time slot will be donated to our partner charity.
  7. Print your tags
    • Please make sure you use the required paper (for barcode scanning)
      67# cardstock paper (WHITE ONLY) sold at office supply store like Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max
      (this paper is NECESSARY. Without it, your tags will fall off, and your items will not be sold.)
    • Use an inkjet or laser printer with normal printout
  8. Cut tags: along the borders
  9. Tag your items: use safety pins or a tagging gun (we recommend tagging gun!)
    • Clothing items should be tagged on the item sizing labels or inseams of clothing (as shown in illustration above). All other items should have tags affixed where visible, and easy for scanning
    • For small ACCESSORIES, please place in sealed Ziploc bags. Affix tags with clear tape to the bags. Do not place tape over the barcodes
  10. You're reday for the SALE!
    Make sure you have scheduled your drop off appointment via our CONSIGNOR WEBSITE
    And that you have signed up for your VOLUNTEER SHIFTS
    *Please note: drop off appointments cannot be scheduled during your volunteer shift.
    You will not receive full credit for your time, should this occur.

Follow these 10 steps and you're sure to make money on your fabulous items!

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